Know your Patterns

There are color point, bi-color, mitted, tortie, lynx and blaze.

bulletColor point - A color pointed (sometimes called a point) kitten will have the same color feet as ears, nose and tail

    Here are two blue points -

    Here's a seal point -

bulletBi-color - A bi-color kitten will have a white "V" on their forehead. Some bi-colored kittens are more prominent than others:

    Here's a blue bi-color -

    Here's a chocolate bi-color -

    Here's a lilac bi-color - 


bulletMitted - A mitted kitten will always have white paws:

    Here's a blue mitted -

    Here's a seal mitted -

bulletTortie - A tortie is similar to a Calico in color and only females will have that pattern:

    Here's a symmetrical tortie -

    Here's an asymmetrical tortie -

bulletLynx - A Lynx is striped:

    Here's a Bi-color Lynx -


bulletBlaze -A blaze has a white stripe on its nose; some markings are symmetrical, some are not:

            Here's a Blaze -


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