Purrfect Choice Ragdoll Cattery

Terms and Conditions



1. Under no circumstances are these cats or kittens to be used for breeding purposes.

2. All kittens need to be spayed or neutered before they are 6 months of age. Adult cats need to be spayed or neutered within thirty days of adoption. Documentation from your veterinarian needs to be sent to me.

3. If I haven't received the spayed or neutered documentation from you within 9 months, legal action will be taken.

4. Unauthorized breeding of my bloodline, that took me 18 years to establish, can be considered grand theft. This can easily be proven by an inexpensive DNA test.

5. This a hobby and not a business, so I must require a non-refundable 50% cash or money-order deposit to keep my prices down. Please be sure that you want the kitten before leaving a deposit.

6. The deposit is used to feed and maintain the kitten until it's picked up. Waiting a week or two longer to pickup the kitten increases the time that the kitten has to bond with you and its new surroundings.

7. I cannot take a kitten back into my house due to the potential of infections that the purchased kitten may have come in contact with while outside of my house.

8. I cannot provide a refund once the kitten leaves my house.

9. Licensed and certified breeders may contact me for more information about breeding rights.


For more information, please call me.
Marsha Santomauro


These kittens are ready to go. Please call 330-628-8147 for more information ....

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