I get calls all the time asking for a kitten with particular markings, so I thought that I would post a page with some examples. Here are some basic descriptions that should help you understand how Rag Doll kittens and cats are colored:

First of all, there are two categories of the kittens appearance:

bulletPatterns - color point (point), mitted, bi-color, tortie, lynx, blaze
bulletColors - blue, chocolate, cream, flame lilac, seal

Together, there are many combinations of patterns, and colors, but all Rag Dolls have blue eyes.

bulletColor point - A color pointed (sometimes called a point) kitten will have the same color feet as ears, nose and tail
bulletMitted - A mitted kitten will always have white feet
bulletBi-color - A bi-color kitten will have a white "V" on their foreheads
bulletTortie - A tortie is similar to a Calico in color and only females will have it
bulletLynx - A Lynx is striped
bulletBlaze -A blaze has a white stripe on its nose; some markings are symmetrical, some are not

The colors of blue, chocolate, cream, lilac, lynx, seal are pretty self explanatory. But a  flame is an orange point.

I'll show some examples in the following pages:

Know Your Patterns
Know Your Colors


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